Very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They go out of their way to listen to your needs, do thorough testing, customize your solution to your specific hearing improvement requirements, explain everything carefully and in terms you can understand, and then initiate follow up to ensure your solution is continuing to work for you.
Mike White, on Google
I got my first set of hearing aids here from Ben six years ago. They were great. Just traded them in for the newest Starkey Livio Edge. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Ben is Great! The staff is Great! They do all the work for you when it comes to your insurance.. They have a lifetime customer in me
Mikel Springer, on Google
I've been wearing hearing aids for going on 5 years now and was fitted with them through another audiologist. I recently switched to Ben and after giving me a thorough hearing exam/test (which I hadn't had from the other provider since my initial fitting), Ben has fine-tuned my hearing aids so that I'm hearing things I've been missing. He gave me solid instruction on features of my hearing aids that I never realized I had. Not only does Ben know his stuff when it comes to fitting and maintaining the hearing aids, his passion for what he's doing and his care of his patients is much appreciated. I'm glad I found him and highly recommend him and his office.
Steve Henry, on Google
I appreciated this complimentary hearing screening and it was great to find out that I don't have any hearing loss yet...but now I have a baseline since I've never had a hearing test before. I noticed that I was saying HUH a lot! But it turns out my loved ones must just be mumblers. This was a nice office, with friendly staff and a knowledgeable provider. PS It was incredible getting to see the inside of your ear on a big screen. I highly recommend taking the time to get a free screening.
Natalie Aisoff, on Google
Thank you Ben for the thorough ear examination & great hearing aids. Everyone in your office has been great. Would recommend any of my friends to see you for hearing aids.
Jeannie Collier, on Google

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